The Arabian Horse Enthusiasts of New York was founded in 2018 to further promote the Arabian horse both in and out of the show ring. Our club, comprised of youth and adult members, participate in a broad spectrum of horse related events. With our highly diverse membership, we felt the need to promote the breed in a broad array of disciplines. Prior to the foundation of our club, our current membership came from incredibly different backgrounds. Some grew up in the show ring, while others had the opportunity to enjoy their horses at home; some had bred several horses themselves, while others were beginning to consider the purchase of their first horse. But what unified these individuals was their belief that the Arabian breed of horse was worth celebrating and promoting. In addition it is their belief that everyone’s perspective is worthwhile, and every member had something worth bringing to the table.  In addition to our youth members showing on the local, regional, and national level, many also participate in 4H and interscholastic riding teams. Our adult members have successfully shown on the rated hunter jumper circuit as well as in rail disciplines such as ranch riding and western pleasure just to name a few. It is our hope that the great heritage and tradition of horsemanship around us can be carried into the future.